Blow the Whistle: A Request for Information Relating to the Conduct of Tom Grant and Benjamin Statler

Over the past several months I have spoken critically of Tom Grant and Benjamin Statler. I have done so deliberately due to damaging behaviors facilitated and engaged in by Grant and Statler relating to a falling-out between Grant and I not long after the 2015 release of Soaked In Bleach.

The behaviors include what I believe to be a protracted and relentless pattern of “computer/network intrusion” (“hacking”); online and in-person stalking/harassment; gaining access to and utilizing as part of their course of conduct some uniquely sensitive and private in-person communications between myself and another professional; the interference with personal relationships of mine; as well as other damaging behaviors occurring predominantly in the city of Seattle, including the facilitation of what I believe are retaliatory acts of vandalism.

This situation has been particularly difficult to get a handle on because, among other reasons, a considerable amount of the conduct is being carried-out in the online environment, which provides generous opportunity for offenders to obscure the link between their identity and their wrongful conduct, and thereby to avoid discovery by law enforcement or the arresting of their conduct through civil judicial order.

My situation is further aggravated because, although I do have a law degree and license, I am not a practicing attorney and do not whatsoever have the financial means to protect myself through the resources of an attorney or law firm. I also suffer from major depression, which has been exacerbated due to the aforementioned conduct. I believe both Grant and Statler, through their privacy invasions, are acutely aware of my limitations and, as a result of these limitations, have felt unhindered in their course of conduct.

As a result of these behaviors, which have persisted now for over a year and a half, I have been forced to leave the city of Seattle, my job there and to abandon my studio apartment and personal property and effects located in the city. Upon departing Seattle, I went to the city of Los Angeles with the hope of starting a new life and to provide freely to an attorney of the Cobain family documents and information, lawfully obtained, relating to the death of Kurt Cobain and the misportrayal of expert testimony in Soaked In Bleach. I was able to do so. (Normally I would not mention the fact of this occurrence, as I consider it an obviously private matter, and I apologize to the Cobain family for doing so. But due to circumstances relating to efforts by Grant and Statler to intrude into this and other private matters I believe I have no choice but to mention its occurrence.)

I believe that during my time in Los Angeles Grant and Statler were able to continue their facilitation and engagement in computer intrusion activity and harassment/stalking-related behavior.  I believe with high confidence that the behavior by Grant and Statler is likely persisting to the present in the county to which I now reside, Marin, and because I cannot defend myself sufficiently at present from these behaviors, I request that those with information and knowledge relating to the aforementioned conduct, please report what you know to the appropriate authorities.

Normally I would suggest that information be sent directly to myself, but this is presently too high risk due the potential for information-loss as a result of the aforementioned conduct.  Accordingly, with regard to behavior you believe to potentially be of a cyber-criminal nature, I request you please report your knowledge to:

1) The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (“IC3”) – reports can be made online, HERE.

In addition, depending on the jurisdiction (location) to which you have knowledge of events occurring, I request you please also report any knowledge and information, whether you believe it to be cyber-criminal related or behavior of a non-cyber-criminal nature, to the police department of that particular jurisdiction (location), such as:

1) The Seattle Police Department;
2) The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office; and/or
3) Applicable police departments in the County of Marin.

I wish to also stress at this point that no one has ever forced my hand with regard to my speaking-out on contentious matters pertaining to Tom Grant and Benjamin Statler, as I’ve learned has been suggested by some. I’ve spoken-out independently and entirely on my own free will. The only time I have felt forced to speak-out is in instances like right now, when I am compelled on my own initiative to exercise my voice due to the lack of legal and other resources at my disposal and the difficulty in drawing sufficient attention to a matter which involves high levels of deception. With depression, the process of speaking-out can be incredibly taxing. Another frequent problem that arises in speaking-out is that it invites retaliation, which since the time of my falling-out with Grant and Statler has taken an enormous toll on me in essentially every area of my life.

This all said, I cannot stress enough how important it is at this juncture that people with knowledge – any knowledge – regarding the aforementioned matter and conduct begin to come forward by contacting the various offices listed above. I know it may be frightening and potentially of some personal risk to yourself – but know that you will be doing the right and courageous thing by sharing what you know.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kurt Fraser

1) I wish to note, as some have inquired about, that I have thought about the possibility of whether, in addition to Grant, Statler and their associates, any other interested party may have also participated in any of the “computer intrusion” and related misbehavior I have had to deal with.  I have evaluated this question up to the present and I can’t say anything definitively at this point. Is it possible? Yes. But unlike with respect to my observations of and experiences with Mr. Grant and Mr. Statler, which have gone on now for over a year and a half, I simply don’t have enough information to go on at this point for it to be appropriate for me to answer this question either way.  If, however, those with knowledge do have relevant information regarding the conduct of additional parties with respect to my presence in the case, it should be reported as described above.

2) I also wish to provide an approximate or rough list of computers and mobile devices of mine that I believe have been hacked or compromised over approximately the last year and a half:

Three to five (3-5) Google Chromebooks from Best Buy
One (1) Apple laptop given to me by a co-worker
Approximately ten (10) other laptops – but probably more (yes, this many!), such as:
–Multiple low-income ($99.00) laptops from Interconnection (the low-income Seattle computer retail store);
–Two to three (2-3) laptops from Interconnection at approximately $200.00;
–One (1) higher-end laptop given to me by a customer/friend from work;
-Multiple $199.00 laptops from Best Buy;
–One (1) lower-end laptop given to me by my friend’s mom; and
–The laptop I used on the California bar exam (the first one to be compromised).

Mobile Devices
Sprint Netgear Mobile Hotspot (from Interconnection)
Verizon Jetpack MiFi 7730L
Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack MHS815L
Sprint Mobile Hotspot provided by AVIS rental car agency

Two (2) Samsung Android cellphones (Galaxy J36)
Two (2) older flip phones

Thank you, again, for your assistance.