New Evidence Harassment Motive in Fraser-Grant Falling-Out Email Correspondence; Commentary by Grant; and Errors in SPD Reports Regarding the Matter


Please find via the above link the “falling-out” email correspondence between Tom Grant and I. You’ll observe in this regard strong concerns pertaining to new evidence or case information. Note in this respect that I was contacted by an individual purporting to have new case information; note also that I informed Mr. Grant that I would not abide by his instruction that I forward along all individuals to Mr. Grant who may contact me with potential case information, but would rather vet such persons independently.

Observe that following my informing Mr. Grant that I was displeased with his belittling behavior and my informing him that I would exercise my own discretion regarding vetting potential new case information that Mr. Grant deleted the link to my Kurt Cobain homicide-supporting website and also un-followed me on social media (twitter) (I recall at the time the only other account he was following was the Soaked in Bleach twitter account). Some may interpret these acts as not significant, but I believe they are in fact quite relevant with regard to Mr. Grant’s state of mind both with respect to his anger towards me and his concern that his perceived association with me would result in potential new evidence diverting my way rather than to himself.

My falling-out with Ben Statler occurred not long following my falling-out with Tom Grant. At present I do not have access to my email account which contains the email correspondence bearing on the falling-out between Statler and I, otherwise I would endeavor to post these emails as well. I do recall informing Mr. Statler that if he was not willing to even have a conversation than my association with Mr. Statler would be at an end.

Following my break with Grant and Statler, it became apparent that I was being targeted with computer/network intrusion activity as well as being the target of other misbehaviors and innuendo.

In an effort to diffuse what I knew to be a significant escalating situation, I later sent Grant and Statler a brief email inquiring if they wanted to try to work things out. I never however received a reply. Again, I do not have access to the email account containing this email, otherwise I would endeavor to post it.

This noted, I’m aware of a dishonest and unsettling response issued by Grant through a third party Cobain-case supporter named Mellissa Kaiser bearing on my falling-out with Grant and Statler. This response of Grant’s was issued following my request that those with information regarding the Grant/Statler issue report this information to the authorities. Because of the slanderous nature of this manipulative response, I have chosen at present not to re-publish it.

In the twenty-five years that Mr. Grant has been involved in the Cobain case he has obviously developed a dedicated following of supporters, including I believe some misguided “helpers” who are willing to break the law in an effort to protect or assist him.

Please finally note that there are significant errors contained in SPD reports pertaining to the Grant/Statler matter which I hope can eventually be corrected. Because these inaccuracies are contained in official documentation they are very dangerous in that they create the mis-impression that my harassment claims are without merit. Errors in reporting can of course occur, but unfortunately this has had the effect of enabling the facilitation of harassment by Grant and Statler to continue. Accordingly, I ask those in possession of these reports to be very mindful when it comes to publicly sharing them.

To those who have been following this matter, I will endeavor to update you on this subject as I am able.

Thank you.

Kurt Fraser