Retaliatory Acts of Vandalism

From mid-2016 through December 2016, while residing in Seattle, the tires on my means of transportation have been punctured five times in what I believe are retaliatory acts of vandalism related to my activity in the Cobain case.

All such punctures appear to have occurred while my means of transportation at the time – a Ford Ranger pick-up truck and a mountain bike – were parked, and in one instance a razorblade was discovered lodged in my motor vehicle’s rear driver-side tire.  In the twenty-four years I have been driving I do not recall a tire of mine ever becoming flat as a result of a razorblade becoming lodged into it.

Four of the five incidents occurred in very short order following a behavior of mine directly and I believe only adverse to the interests of Tom Grant and Ben Statler.

I do not believe any of the incidents were sponsored by Mr. Cobain’s widow or parties aligned with her.

One such incident occurred within hours following my publication of my first article on the actual findings of Carole Chaski, the forensic linguist in Soaked In Bleach, and her misrepresentation in that film; another incident occurred within hours of my having email correspondence with another expert in Soaked In Bleach; and yet another incident occurred shortly following my engaging in twitter commentary adverse to the interests of Mr. Grant and Mr. Statler, and which included pointed criticism of Mr. Statler relating to the editing of Carole Chaski’s testimony in his film.

I do not believe it’s appropriate at this time to discuss the precipitating event related to the razorblade puncture out of concern of inadvertently drawing attention to innocent parties.  And nor do I believe it is appropriate to discuss the potential precipitating event or events related to tire puncture number five at this time.

Based on a thorough evaluation of these incidents and the surrounding circumstances, I believe most or all of these events are retaliatory acts of vandalism facilitated by Tom Grant and Ben Statler due to their belief that I “got in their way” at a juncture in the Cobain case they perceived as especially important with regard to achieving their case objective, such as by my pursuing an independent course of Cobain case advocacy, which included engagement with multiple government agencies in King County, and which opened the door to the possibility that new evidence would potentially shift my way, rather than to Mr. Grant and Mr. Statler; by assertively and pointedly questioning the integrity of Tom Grant, both with respect to his conduct in 1994 and recently; and for helping to expose the damaging misrepresentation of multiple experts in Ben Statler’s film.

This all noted, I request at this unfortunate period in the Cobain case that observers of this matter remain especially vigilant and, to the extent you are able, open to considerations regarding Mr. Grant and Mr. Statler that I understand may be in discord with your current impressions of them.